- Nadas’a Bırak, Spring 2019, Video & Photography: Atlas Timur -


nadas’a bırak fall art residency programme:
call for applications, Fall 2019*

*Application deadline: 14 September

NADAS istanbul is excited to announce its upcoming art residency programme, Nadas’a Bırak, taking place 10 - 16 November, 2019. This week-long residency offers space to seven artists or creative individuals who seek to develop their work in a peaceful atmosphere among a sustainably-minded community. The programme consists of four intensive studio days concluding with an open studio event on 16 November.


NADAS is a creative house in Yeldeğirmeni, Kadıköy that offers space for individual and community projects valuing the diversity of urban life and people’s connection to their environments. Throughout the year, NADAS hosts workshops, art and yoga classes, talks and community meet-ups around topics of sustainability. 

Residency Details 

NADAS inhabits a beautiful 1930’s house in the historic neighbourhood of Yeldeğirmeni. Regular classes and events are suspended for the duration of the residency, offering a focused environment for participants to develop their work. 

Nadas’a Bırak Fall Art Residency includes:

  • Introductory meeting, 10 November, TBD, 

  • Full day access to a shared studio, 11 - 14 November, 08.00 - 24.00; 

  • Access to a shared living room, balcony, garden, and kitchen;

  • Vegan lunch (11 - 14 November), plus tea, coffee, and snacks;

  • Optional morning yoga classes;

  • One exhibition preparation day on 15 November, 10.00 - 22.00;

  • Participation in an open studio at NADAS**, on 16 November; 

  • Optional artistic and curatorial support;

  • Opportunity to join NADAS’s creative community and work within the historic neighbourhood of Yeldeğirmeni in Istanbul. 

Residents of this programme have access to:

  • One of four studio spaces shared between one to three artists*; 

  • Shared living room, balcony, garden and kitchen. 

*shared studio space is managed to best accommodate everyone’s needs, based on media & working preferences.

The residency is most suited for artists or creative individuals who seek to: 

  • Develop a project within a focused period of time; 

  • Work independently, within the support of a shared working environment; 

  • Present their work in an alternative community space; 

  • Incorporate sustainability and ecological practices into their work. 

**note: Nadas’a Bırak concludes with an open studio, where residents will have the chance the share or exhibit work created during the residency. Residents should consider that NADAS is not a traditional gallery but a multi-purpose space where exhibition material could be exposed to a range of events and audiences. Old architecture creates limitations for displaying work and residents may need to find creative solutions. Exhibiting or sharing work developed during the residency is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Please note that this residency does not include accommodation. Residents are responsible for finding and covering the cost of their own accommodation. We are happy to assist residents in finding places to stay and also provide one full scholarship for accommodation. 

Residency cost: 

NADAS is a new initiative that is working towards financial sustainability. Currently, our project is supported by many hours of volunteer work. Residency fees go directly to offsetting costs of hosting and supporting residents. We acknowledge that artists often work on a tight budget and we aim to provide more financial assistance for future residency programmes.

For this residency we offer two 50% fee scholarships and one scholarship for accommodation. To learn more about pricing and eligibility for scholarships, email us at info@nadasistanbul.com.

Application Details

Nadas’a Bırak Fall Art Residency accepts proposals from all creative mediums, including but not limited to visual art, installation, writing, and poetry. We are particularly interested in proposals that show interest in NADAS’s mission and are sensitive to sustainability, including in their use of materials. 

To apply, please submit our online application form no later than 14 September 2019 to info@nadasistanbul.com.