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about nadas

NADAS is a creative house located in Yeldeğirmeni, Kadıköy, facilitating projects that support the diversity of urban life and relationships between people and their environments. Among other activities, NADAS hosts: creative workshops and classes; meetings and gatherings; gardening and planting; studio work, art classes, and art residencies; exhibitions; and personal office work (co-working). By providing space for such ideas to be tested, realized, and shared, NADAS aims to build a community around living slowly, mindfully and empathetically.

NADAS was founded in April 2018 by Ahu Kopan and Jessica Sim, with the support of a wider team and community. The project occupies a beautiful 3-storey house with a garden, built in the 1930’s. Rooms are available to co-workers - i.e. those looking for a comfortable environment to concentrate on their personal office work - as well as for private artist studios, movement classes, yoga, massage, workshops, and meet-ups. In addition, NADAS hosts regular classes and workshops such as Tuesday art class with resident artist Gabrielle Reeves and daily yoga classes. NADAS is also home to greensquaremeter, a platform dedicated to plant-care, including a plant-shop, plant-care consultancy, plant hotel, and Friday evening plant talks.

NADAS is open to project proposals for collaboration. Please contact us with your ideas!