yoga classes

Yoga classes at NADAS are open to newly-practicing, as well as experienced yogis and teachers. Classes are Hatha-based and instruction is given in Turkish and/or English. From February onward, all classes take place at NADAS: Uzun Hafız Sokak No: 80 

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register & save your mat

Classes at NADAS can accommodate up to 6 students and require you to register in advance.

registration via whatsapp: day-before & same-day registration

All classes are posted 24 hours in advance to a whatsapp group, which students are invited to join. Here, you will have the chance to reserve your place on a first-come first-serve basis.

register via email: early registration

To reserve multiple classes in advance (e.g. "all Tuesdays in January" or "Mondays and Fridays this week") you may also send us an email at