moving meditation

moving with the breath into moving meditation
a day workshop at Nadas Istanbul
Sunday, 25 November, 13.00 - 18.00

numbers: this workshop is limited to 5 participants only
in this workshop, we'll aim to work in deep attention giving focus and space to subtleties and details

Part 1: moving with the breath
In conscious movement, connecting with the breath is generally underlined, as it is in yoga and tai chi. And this physical connection to the breath has a mystical a

spect - etymologically, spirit equals breath - it’s embedded in the double-sensed notions of inspiration and expiration, and all the notions - like spirited and spirituality - derived from ‘spirit’.

In dance, it’s perhaps harder to keep part of our attention on our breath than it is in say yoga, but through that attention on our breath we can become more connected with our movement, or, more deeply, we can become more at one with our movement.

A session then in which we'll explore the relationship between breath and spirit through movement, and also through voice, and where another spirit word - perspiration - might take on a different shade of meaning.

Part 2: moving in meditation
And from moving with the breath, we’ll try to (re)awaken our consciousness, to become more conscious - such a simple notion yet so elusive! Our improvised dance forms (form-free forms…) are loosely grouped under the ideas of ‘conscious movement’, ‘ecstatic dance’ and ‘movement & meditation’, where a central aspiration (another spirit word!) is to bring together movement and meditation, rather than meditation only being invited in stillness.

Moving in a state of meditation is a profound - and wonderful - notion, and, with our frenetic lives, one which is far from easy for most of us to realise. One key is nurturing meditation while we’re active, while moving. Music can help us and we can help each other to bring together our bodies and our minds in deep calm, a calm which is fluid and full of life.

We will move between moving, voicing, music, stillness and silence.
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