fermented pickles

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Saturday, 13 April, 11.00 - 13.00
Language: Turkish / English*
Led by Begüm Yaramancı

*If you are interested to partake in this workshop in English, please let us know

Pickling and fermentation are ancient techniques of preserving vegetables and intensifying their nutritional value. During these processes, seemingly dormant produce is transformed by teeming microscopic life in the pickling jar.

In this workshop, we will discuss fermentation and everything probiotic. Begüm will share the effects and benefits of fermented vegetables, their traditional and cultural uses, and the microbiology behind their creation. We will then have an open discussion about how fermentation has or has not been a part of our lives. Participants will also have a chance to sample various fermented pickles.

In the second part of the workshop, Begüm will demo how to make several fermented vegetables.
Workshop Price: 130 TL
To register or for further inquiry, email info@nadasistanbul.com
Begüm Yaramancı (b.1974, Istanbul) is a chef and an author of a cookbook, with particular interests in artisanal pickling and fermentation. She completed her undergraduate studies at the American University in Paris and George Washington University and received her culinary arts degree from Kendall College in Chicago. She returned to Istanbul in 2011 where she still resides.

Begüm’s widely acclaimed cookbook “İçindekiler” (co-authored with Cemre Narin) was published by Yapi Kredi Yayinlari in 2014. Currently, Begüm is pursuing her passion for fermented foods. She is researching different cultures’ pickling and vegetable fermentation techniques and produces a wide range of artisanal pickles and ferments. She shares the subtleties and benefits of fermented foods through workshops as well as television and radio appearances. Begüm is also working on her second cookbook with Cemre. You can follow her on instagram @begyaramanci.
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