dolaşma / wander

An installation by Nora Byrne

13.01 - 20.01.2019
Opening Event: Sunday, 13 January, 16.00 - 18.00

Open Hours: 
Mon - Thu: 14.00 - 17.00
Sat & Sun: 13.00 - 17.00 

DOLAŞMA / WANDER is a solo exhibition featuring an installation of found paper collage and drawings by Nora Byrne. 

Get to know a place: go for a wander. There’s a need to dig into a city, to find out what it’s made of. Do you feel it?

Silhouettes or skylines are less than half the picture. A cityscape presents in layers, defined by points of control puzzled with quiet pockets that call you to stop where you are. Stop and gaze at how a pale pink wall crumbles, rest on leaves nestled next to shiny aluminum siding, stop to breath cigarette smoke mixed with baking bread.

DOLAŞMA / WANDER is hosted at NADAS Istanbul. The installation will be on view from 13 January to 20 January 2019, and open to visit Monday through Thursday from, 14.00 - 17.00, and over the weekend, 13.00 - 17:00. Entrance is free.

About the Artist
Nora Byrne is a artist, writer, illustrator. She draws inspiration from the places around her, exploring and documenting in her sketchbook while and raiding recycling bins and hoarding paper for collages – everything from car advertisements to shopping bags. Every part of the collages shown here came from Istanbul, each piece an artefact used to present a city seen through its most mundane elements. This project is presented in completion of her MA in Visual Art and Visual Communication Design.
Website: | Instagram: @n.byrne

Jessica Sim