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automatic figure drawing

Automatic Life Figure Drawing
Tuesday, 23 July 2019, 19.00 - 21.00
Language: English
Led by Siettie

In this workshop, participants will explore and learn how to capture - through drawing - the dynamism of live human figures both stationary and in motion, through the use of automatic and instinctive impulses and motor skills. They will also learn to engage consciously in right-brain activity in the drawing of human figures - that of their peers as well as a live model - through a closely-guided and hands-on process that is both fun and beneficial for their day-to-day sketching activities and / or future art-making projects.
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Siettie is a senior art teacher in a children's fine arts enrichment school in Singapore providing art education and training across all levels from kindergarten to secondary school, as well as preparatory consultation and processes for students directed towards local art institutions. She specialises in portrait-making across all mediums. She is also a visual artist and has exhibited her work in some local group exhibitions namely under Noise Singapore, and works as a private art instructor at the same time.
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