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Water Kefir Workshop

Water Kefir Workshop
Saturday, 30 March, 11.00 - 13.30
Language: English
Led by Nazlı Pişkin

Water kefir is a dairy free, naturally-fermented, probiotic, fizzy beverage. Its preparation and consumption have great benefits, from food preservation, to better understanding and balancing of our body’s systems. In this workshop, participants will learn the subtleties of water kefir from Nazlı Pişkin, including:
- What is fermentation?
- How is fermentation used in traditional cuisine?
- What are the health benefits of consuming fermented food?
- What is water kefir?
- Benefits of water kefir;
- How to make water kefir at home and what to pay attention to;
- Consumption methods.

The workshop will also include:
- Water kefir tasting (varieties prepared by Nazlı Pişkin);
- Water kefir making demo;
- Participants will also receive water kefir grains to continue making water kefir at home.
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Who is Nazlı Pişkin?
Born to a Mediterranean family, Nazlı Pişkin grew-up among stories and conversations around food. She spent much of her childhood alongside her grandparents’ vineyards and rose gardens. After graduating from Antalya Anatolian High School, Nazlı completed a degree in Translation and Interpretation at Boğaziçi University. Following her work as a translator, she became interested in the history of food and went on to obtain a masters degree in history from the department of Mediterranean World Studies at Istanbul University. Nazlı's translations have been published in various journals since 2000; including research focused on the changes in the culture of food and drink throughout the history of civilizations in the Mediterranean basin. Nazlı is also co-editor of two, and editor of one, Gourmand Awards-winning books on food culture. Through her workshops, Nazlı continues to strive to sustain and celebrate thousands of years of culinary culture of the Mediterranean, by sharing stories of food and people, history of ingredients, as well as her love of seasonal food. She is a garden-lover, growing edible flowers and herbs in her backyard in İstanbul.
Please be mindful of your waste…
We care deeply about our waste. When visiting NADAS, we ask that you do your very best to avoid bringing any single-use or excessive packaging to the event (plastic water bottles, disposable coffee cups, single-use plastic bags, etc.) We will provide snacks, drinks, and drinking glasses.

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